18 juin 2019

Light it up: is it time for l.a. and california to join colombia in legalizing public consumption of cannabis?

While recreational cannabis has been legal in California since 2018, public consumption remains expressly prohibited. Consumption lounges are coming to West Hollywood, but the goal of […]
18 juin 2019

Italy announces new medical cannabis tender

Firms hoping to supply the burgeoning Italian market have just two weeks to respond to a tender after the country announced on Monday it wants 400kg […]
17 juin 2019

Chinese narcotics agency blames us, canada marijuana legalization for surge in drug smuggling

Source : https://www.newsweek.com/
17 juin 2019

Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Coming, Will They Be Worth the Hype?

Next month, stakeholders in the cannabis and alcohol industries will gather at a conference centre in San Francisco to discuss the arrival of cannabis-infused beverages and […]
16 juin 2019

Business Luxury Cannabis is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

The world of cannabis is becoming more refined. When California first legalized medical cannabis in 1996, the only way one could purchase cannabis legally was through […]
14 juin 2019

The No. 1 reason adults support legalizing marijuana (it’s not to get high)

A recent Gallup poll delved into why some Americans want cannabis legalized. Lire l’article Source : https://www.marketwatch.com
14 juin 2019

Anti-Depressant Withdrawal Can Be Dangerous. Cannabis Is Not

Anti-depressants can save lives, but these pills can also ruin them. The side effects and withdrawals of anti-depressants can be severe and are not spoken about nearly […]
13 juin 2019

En Tunisie, haschich ou pas chiche ?

Le Collectif pour la légalisation du cannabis a lancé une campagne en faveur de la dépénalisation, alors que plus d’un détenu sur quatre est emprisonné, .. […]